Photo & Video

Importance of photo and video

Photography and videography are such a key component on your wedding day. The images and videos are the only things you will take away from your big day. These are the items that you will pass on to your children and will become your first family heirloom.

My Wedding Day Happened So Fast!

We hear that the day happened way too fast, from every couple. The day is over before you blink! With photography and videography, you get to relive every moment and see every detail that you put so much effort into. You get to hear your vows to one another, and hang art work on your wall from the most intimate and special time in your lives.


Why is photography important and why hire a professional?

Photography is crucial for your wedding. You want to be able to remember every detail and every moment throughout the day. You put so much time, love and money into this day, you should have everything documented perfectly. Photography is capturing a moment in time. After your wedding day, you will walk away with beautiful images that you can now display as art in your home, and an album that you can share with your kids. Your photography is one of the very few things you take away after the day is over. You will have your images forever.

Why a professional? Wedding days are the most fast paced events and you need to know how to think quick and make sure you capture every moment, big or small. Lighting is always changing, and you need the equipment to handle any situation and you need to know how to be quick with it and think fast. As a photographer, we deal with not only the bride and groom, but the bridal party, family, and even the guests. You have to know how to interact with everyone but ultimately do anything to make the bride and groom comfortable and make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. There are so many variables to the day, and you need a professional to make sure your day will run smoothly and all the moments and details are documented flawlessly.


Photography is a wonderful and necessary investment for your wedding, but video is right along side! I always tell my clients, “photography captures a moment, but video captures the emotion.” Do you think you will remember the exact words of the vows you say to each other? Will you remember the funny jokes your bridal party tells at the reception or the heart felt speech your parents say? You don’t have to try to remember, with video you will always have your vows and the speeches to go back and listen to. Something about reliving your wedding day through video is so special, and something photos can not give you. People often think of a 90 minute video, but times have changed in the video world. We have highlights now that range from 3 minutes to 15 minutes (with other options as well) but those short and sweet highlight videos give you the best of the day, with all the emotion! The day happens so fast, why wouldn’t you want your wedding documented with photo AND video?