Why hire a professional photographer?

Now days, everyone is a photographer. Equipment is great, and anyone can pick up a camera and say they are a photographer. I tell every couple, not to hire a friend or family member only because they will do it for free. This is one day that you cannot get back or redo, and you have one chance to capture the moment. Weddings are the hardest thing to photograph, ask any photographer in any field. Weddings are fast paced and you need to know your equipment and be able to think quick. We have multiple lenses for different parts of the day and lighting that can handle any situation.

Most people can take a great image, but can they take amazing images throughout a 8-10 hour day when they need flashes, when it is the middle of the day and the sun is so bright, or will they know what to do if it starts to rain? Wedding photographers are prepared for all situations and we not only have the gear but know how to use it, and efficiently.

Another big part about hiring a professional, is that we are more then taking photos on your wedding day and handing you over a CD. Pages photography is there from the moment you book until even after the wedding when albums and prints are already delivered. We create a friendship and are here to help throughout the whole wedding process. We are there for the engagement session, meeting up to see how plans are going, then sitting you down to go through the photos and video from your wedding day and helping pick photos out for the album. We are full service, we do not just photograph your wedding and call it done. We go above and beyond and we are here throughout the entire wedding process.

Do we need an engagement session?

I encourage engagement sessions! This is time for you not to only get amazing images of you and your fiancee, but it is a day where we get to all spend getting to know each other and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera. We get to see how wedding plans are going, if you need anything from us, and most importantly having fun and getting those images that you will share with everyone!

Not all couples have an engagement session, but I have found the couple is more open to my ideas on their wedding day, when they already know how I work. They are already comfortable with how I pose and how I get them into certain positions and I feel like it makes the wedding day run a bit smoother since they already have an idea of what we will be doing.

Not only is it great to get comfortable in front of the lens, but many people use these photos for save the dates, or a book for their guests to sign at the reception. These photos are so great to have, and it gives diversity in the art work that will be in your home, and will compliment the wedding photos perfectly!

Why do a first look?

First looks are the best! We love getting that emotion out of the groom when he sees the bride for the first time. I have noticed that we get more emotion when we photograph a first look then when the groom sees his bride walking down the isle. You guys have time to yourselves and can enjoy one another and not have to wait until after the ceremony to enjoy each other.

This is also great for time and photos. Typically if you see each other at the alter, we have about an hour for photos. That seems like enough time, but with family photos and bridal party, we only end up with about 15 minutes for just bride and groom portraits and that is not enough time. With the first look, we can have as much time as we plan for plus the additional time after the ceremony. With the first look, typically we have about an hour – hour and a half to photograph the bridal party and the bride and groom portraits which is wonderful! We love to do the first look at a separate location other then the ceremony site, to give more range in the photos as far as the back ground goes. If we do first look at the beach, then ceremony and other portraits at a park, then sneak you away during the reception for night shot in the street, then that is 3 different locations that you will now have photos of, all in one day!

How long until I see my photos or video?

Everyone is eager to see their wedding photos and video, we completely understand! We are very quick with our turn around time, and you will see a few images from the wedding the very next day!

Typically I try to get your photos to you within 2 weeks, but we promise a month to receive all of your photos.

As far as video goes, there are multiple length videos we offer. We try to turn those around just as quick, but with the longer videos and other options that you can choose with video, we promise 2 months to get all the videos.