Busy season

The wedding “busy season” is here and I am already so behind! I have been shooting a ton, but haven’t had enough time to finish everything! How many people feel like they are just so behind? I hope I am not the only one. I have all these visions and hopes for my company but I feel like I need help with all the social media and the editing in order just to catch up. I have had family shoots, weddings and even my very first engagement shoot in Northern California! I cannot wait to put those photos up on my blog and website from that shoot up north, but check out my IG for a couple little teasers! Also with all of this going on, I have been also wanting to start a more personal side to this business. My goal is to start making short films and vlogging. It will still be based around the photo and video aspect of my life but also bring in more of a personal side and film my daily life including friends and my pup! I have filmed a ton but just haven’t had time to piece a blog post together but I hope I can start that soon. I have a trip to St. Thomas that I am looking forward to and hopefully I will have my vlog on Youtube up and going by then. Lots of business and editing to do but I am excited to start something new that will get me filming more and getting in touch with a whole new avenue of film making! Follow my IG @Jacquelynpages and once my Youtube channel is going I will post that as well!

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