So I haven’t been keeping up with my website unfortunately, but it is due to a wonderful trip to Australia! I have gone back and forth on whether to keep my website and blog strictly weddings or to let you into my life, outside of the engagements and weddings. I have decided to make my blog a bit more personal so you can get to know the photographer behind the camera, and what better way then with a trip outside of the country.

A bit about me: I hate doing anything by myself… So, what did I decide to do? Yes, take a trip to Australia for 2 weeks, alone! I pushed myself, that is for sure.

Tip one for anyone traveling to Australia, you need not only a passport but a VISA! I found this out when I arrived at the airport, luckily for me, you can get your visa online and it takes about 10 minutes. The flight was long, but I was lucky enough to have slept a good majority of the 14 hour flight.

Melbourne was BEAUTIFUL! I do wish someone could have been there enjoying it with me, I was homesick and missing my friends but oh did I love this city! I wish I knew how many miles were walked during my trip, I walked everywhere! The city had such amazing buildings, there were old historic buildings then you look across the street and they had modern buildings that were unbelievable!

Coffee apparently is the best there, so of course I had to try it. It was good, but I am use to my Starbucks caramel Macchiatos, so it was a bit strong for me, but I could respect it and if you love coffee, Melbourne is your place! The food was also delicious! There was not a single thing there that I did not absolutely love. In the city, a lot of the restaurants are in ally ways which was so interesting to me, but I loved it. I don’t think I was able to find the same place twice though.

I of course did all the touristy things. I went to the top of the Eureka Skydeck and it overlooked the entire city. The Melbourne star which was one of my favorite things, it was an observation wheel (giant ferris wheel) that takes 35 minutes to go around but boy do you get stunning views from up there!

I drove the Great Ocean Road, yes I had to drive on the opposite side of the road and it was tough driving in the city!!!! But, once I got on the road (similar to our coast road) it was amazing. I had the best time driving and stopping a million times to take photos and to hike around. I drove for about 5 hours but it took all day before I got back to my hotel room, due to being a photographer and stopping so often!

I got to watch the penguins at Phillip Island, come onto the beach from the water and find their homes. It was actually pretty fun! It was cold, they come out of the water once it is dark so they don’t get eaten by the birds. They waddle up and find the little burrows they have made and you get to be so close to them! Unfortunately they didn’t allow any photography, not even on cell phones due to too many people using flashes.

I unfortunately did not see a koala or kangaroo in the wild :/ Yes I know, crazy! But I did go to an animal sanctuary (mini zoo) where I did get to pet a koala and feed the kangaroos. Feeding the kangaroos was my favorite thing!!! Silly I would think too, but I could not stop smiling the whole 45 minutes I was there feeding them and petting them! I do wish I got to see a koala in the wild, you can see them at our zoo, so it wasn’t too special but I did get to pet one and I would have felt weird not even seeing one, so I’ll take what I can get!

I will be editing this post and writing more as well as adding a ton of photos, but I at least wanted to get this blog post going!

Traveling is amazing, and I am so glad I had this opportunity to go to a country I have been dying to go to my entire life. I am pretty sure though I learned my lesson, and will be traveling with someone next time lol. I am excited to have a few prints in my home now from my travels! Can’t wait for my next trip and to start filling my home full of prints from all over the world!

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