Temecula Creek Inn

Wow, time flies and it is so hard to keep up with all social media, blog, and website. Clearly I am not doing very well! My main focus has been getting videos to my couples then moving onto the next wedding and I really wish I had time to blog about each wedding because each wedding is so special and so unique. This year I have been shooting a ton more video and I have absolutely loved it. I am finally getting my style (yes it has been 3 years of shooting wedding films and I am just now getting my style.) There is so much to learn with video!! Mixing the knowledge I have gotten from other professionals and filming more of lifestyle videos recently , I am finally finding my own style and way to tell the story of a wedding day. There is always more to learn and I believe my style or videos will always change and evolve but I am super happy with how far I have become. I posted a teaser video on Instagram, so the quality is not meant for my blog really, but I wanted to post it on here to show one of the most recent weddings I have shot.